Trending Words on Japanese TV in Tokyo region


January-December 2019


January-December 2017


As of 2017, President Trump was the top of trending programs. Compared to last year’s top trending, Tokyo governor Koike Yuriko who had a total of 23,194 media exposure, President Trump’s count had increased significantly to 39,551 times. On television viewing alone, governor Koike’s House of Representative election of 2016 had decreased by 8% from 23,194 counts to 21,377 counts, while the Democratic Party was downgraded from 3rd place to 6th place but had the exposure count increased by 12%. However, in 2018 the Democratic Party seems to be a disappearing keyword. Twitter is also the source of information from President Trump, so by 2017, he is placed in 2nd with a 71% increase on searches, totaling to 25,091 searches.

Due to the massive exposure President Trump received, and the limited time of televised information’s, the exposure of other words and diversity began to decline. The second feature is East Asian affairs, followed by words such as North Korea, China, South Korea, Kim Jong Nam. Regarding this genre, President Trump and Prime Minister Abe are involved, so it is inevitable that these two are the top. The third feature is the Olympic Games (Paralympic Games, PyeongChang Olympic Games, Tokyo Olympics), which are still held in East Asia. Regarding the murder case of Kim Jung Nam and the former presidential defeat of Park, it is only in the first half of 2017 that it is about to be forgotten as soon as the nuclear possession of North Korea became an important issue. Health related words such as muscle (9th place) and healthy (17th place) are exposed in the cultural aspect. Instagram (Instagenic) which became a buzzword of 2017 u-can buzzword contest was also ranked 19th. In 2017, there were many topics related to East Asia, therefore the exposure of Toyosu new market and Former governor Masuzoe who took the limelight in the previous year has completely been overshadowed. It can be said that Japan in 2017 is just a year surrounded by topics of President Trump and East Asia.

On the other hand, it can be said that it was a relatively stable year without major political fighting in the country. Incidentally, even the preliminary figures from January to March 2018 continue to be the same trend as President Trump remaining 1st (7,309) and Twitter (7,020).


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